Bioheat® Fuel and New York’s Ferries

New York City has been a large proponent of Bioheat® fuel, implementing a new standard that helps our city decrease greenhouse gas emissions being released from buildings and homes that use oil-burning heating equipment. While homes and buildings will be burning cleaner heating fuel, the next focus would be on the city’s public transportation – more specifically, the ferries.

On January 8, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation that requires a two-year feasibility study to be conducted regarding the use of renewable fuels and technologies to power the city’s ferries, including Bioheat® fuel (a minimum of B5 blend). Legislation Int. No. 54-A was first introduced in early 2014, gaining the city council’s approval in December 2017. The text of the legislation indicates the study is to include a review of the types and classes of ferries used, and their compatibility with the alternative fuels and alternative fuel technologies studies.

A report discussing the results of the study is scheduled to be published by December 31, 2019. Additional information regarding the legislation can be found on the New York City Council website. NYSEC and its Bioheat® fuel dealer members are dedicated to helping New York become a city that runs on a greener, more environmentally friendly fuel. For more information on how Bioheat® fuel impacts the city, contact your local Bioheat® fuel dealer.