Celebrate Spring Renewal With Green Bioheat® Fuel

Spring is here, and that means all of nature’s green hues will be returning once again to brighten things up after a New York winter. To keep our environment clean and healthy, so that we can continue to enjoy its vibrant colors, NYSEC members are proud to deliver Bioheat® Fuel!


Bioheat® Fuel is the heating oil industry’s answer to going green, and we’re happy to have embraced it! But what exactly is it?


Bioheat Fuel is…


·         An improvement on traditional home heating oil, featuring a cleaner burn and fewer greenhouse gas emissions

·         A blend of biodiesel, which is made from renewable resources such as agricultural and food waste products, and heating oil

·         Labeled according to the percentage of biodiesel in its blend. For example, a B20 blend means 20% of the fuel is biodiesel with heating oil making up the remaining 80%

·         Usable in modern heating equipment without any modifications needed. It can even be added into a tank already containing traditional heating oil!

·         Qualifying New York homeowners for a 20 cents per gallon tax credit that remains in effect through 2022.


Want to learn more about Bioheat® Fuel? Call your local Bioheat® Fuel distributor today and ask them anything you want to know!