Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Heating System Tune-Up!

Things are already starting to cool down in New York, reminding homeowners that the heating season is quickly approaching – and that their home heating equipment might be in need of some maintenance.

The good news is that many of New York State Energy Coalition’s Bioheat® Fuel dealers are there for their customers when it comes to just that!

Why is heating system maintenance so important? Because it …

  • Improves the equipment’s efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and heating costs
  • Increases the equipment’s lifespan, reducing the frequency of service calls
  • Improves comfort coverage, reducing the appearance of cold spots throughout the home
  • Improves the air quality inside the home, providing relief from asthma and allergic reactions from dust

In addition to heating system tune-ups, local Bioheat Fuel dealers might also provide some extra services. Reach out to your provider and see if they offer…

  • Priority or 24/7 emergency service
  • Heating system service plans
  • Bioheat Fuel price protection
  • Automatic Bioheat Fuel delivery

Get your home heating equipment ready before the heating season is in full swing! Contact your local Bioheat Fuel dealer to see how they can help. Don’t have a dealer yet? Find one near you!