The Importance of a Full Bioheat® Fuel Heating Oil Storage Tank

Other than knowing you have the fuel you need on hand when you need it, a full heating oil storage tank also protects the overall health and integrity of your home heating system. But how? We’re glad you asked.

With a tank full of fuel there’s less empty space, and the less air in your tank means less room for water accumulation from condensation. Water is no friend of a Bioheat® Fuel storage tank because it promotes the growth of bacteria and other sediments inside the tank!

·         As fuel is pulled through the system, it takes this bacteria and other sediments along with it. This can clog up the oil line and lead to leaks, or damage to the heating equipment itself.

·         Bacterial growth in the fuel also causes fuel degradation, which impacts the combustion quality of the fuel directly impacting the efficiency of the heating equipment.

·         During the spring and summer months, the bacteria and sediments can also cause the interior of the tank to rust and corrode as it sits for a long period of time.

Make sure you’re keeping your tank full – even when the warmer weather makes an appearance! The best way to do that is with automatic Bioheat® Fuel heating oil deliveries from your local Bioheat® Fuel dealers! Call or contact your local dealer online to learn more.