Plan for the Next Heating Season

We’re not talking about making plans for the holidays! When the heating season returns you’ll be relying more heavily on your heating equipment, and by now you should know how important it is to protect your furnaces, boilers and heat pumps. With Bioheat® fuel dealers based on Long Island and in New York City, there’s an easy, surefire way to do that…

Ask your local Bioheat fuel dealer about the service plans they offer for home heating systems.

While service plans vary from company to company, they provide similar protection against mid-winter breakdowns and rising repair costs. You might find that some service plans offer…

Annual Tune-Ups

Keeping your heating equipment in shape year after year means better efficiency and reliability. Service plans cover these annual tune-ups to help customers maintain their comfort and minimize the frequency of repairs throughout the year.

Emergency Service

Companies might offer emergency service to all of their customers or they’ll offer it only to those customers who sign up for a service plan. Either way, having a team of heating system professionals standing by 24-7 to assist you with heating emergencies is invaluable.

Repair & Labor Discounts

As equipment ages, normal wear and tear will catch up to it – no matter how regularly you schedule your annual tune-ups. When the time does come to call for a repair, many service plans provide discounts on select parts, for both the repairs being made and the labor involved.

Not every service plan is the same! Be sure to ask your local Bioheat fuel dealer if they offer a service plan and what exactly they cover so you can rest easy during the next heating season knowing your equipment is well taken care of.