Things Changing at Home? Let Us Know!

Many New York City residents have a new normal to deal with, working and learning virtually from the comfort of their homes. However, when they first signed up for automatic Bioheat® fuel heating oil deliveries they were probably in the middle of their original “normal” where work was done at an office or away from home and learning was done exclusively in person.

What does this shift in normalcy have to do with your comfort? A lot!

As families spend more time at home – whether it’s due to virtual learning, working remotely or colleges being closed – they’re relying more heavily on their home heating equipment, which translates to them using more fuel than usual!

It’s crucial that automatic delivery customers inform their Bioheat fuel heating oil providers if they’re at home more often so they can make adjustments to their delivery schedules and accommodate for their fuel usage. And, customers who aren’t on automatic delivery should be sure to check their tank gauges often to avoid running out of fuel.

Don’t wait! Contact your local Bioheat fuel heating oil provider right away to inform them of any changes within your household.