Tips for a Safe and Warm Winter from NYSEC

It's that time of the year when millions of New Yorkers are forced inside their homes to shelter from the cold weather outside. While you fire up your Bioheat® powered heating system, there are a few best practices that you should consider. NYSEC is fully committed to the safety and well-being of all New Yorkers. Please consider these safety tips to help protect yourself and your family while enjoying the comfort of your heating system. 

Winter Safety Tips for your Home

  • Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors: Be sure to replace the batteries in your detectors so they are able to properly function and keep you safe.
  • Replace your air filters and have your vents cleaned: Air filters should be checked monthly and replaced if necessary. Cleaning your vents and changing your air filters can allow you and your family to breathe healthier and cleaner air inside your home.
  • Never leave space heaters unattended: Unplug space heaters when you leave a room or go to bed. Do not use an extension cord or power strip to power your heater, as they can overheat and cause a fire.
  • Have a plan for emergencies: In the event of a fire, be sure to have an evacuation plan in place. Know the number of your local fire department or simply dial 911 to alert them of the situation and send help right away.

NYSEC wants you to enjoy a safe and warm winter season. If you want more information about the renewable Bioheat® fuel being used to heat your home, or you need to find a Bioheat® dealer in your area, contact us!