Why You Need Automatic Bioheat® Fuel Delivery

As a user of Bioheat® fuel and an owner of a storage tank, you probably know the risks involved with letting your tank sit empty during the warmer months. Between the humidity and rainfall, water gets into the storage tank leading to potential tank corrosion and heating system breakdowns. New York Bioheat® fuel dealers, however, know how to protect your tank and your heating system during these months – keeping your storage tank full with automatic delivery!

New Yorkers are famously always on the go – we have somewhere to be and we’ll get there no matter what’s in our way! That being said, some things might slip our minds now and then. Scheduling your last Bioheat® fuel delivery before the summer could be one of those things. That’s where automatic delivery comes in!

Bioheat® fuel dealers use past usage history and degree-day forecasts to determine when you’ll need more fuel, and they’ll deliver it without needing to be prompted by your phone call or delivery order. You also don’t have to wait around for the delivery – like we said, New Yorkers have better things to do!

If you need to keep your tank full, but have a lot going on and can’t take the time to manage your Bioheat® fuel supply, just ask your local Bioheat® fuel dealer if they offer automatic delivery. If they do, be sure to enroll so that you can keep your tank full and your heating system running properly for the next heating season!