Is Your Heating System Out of Control? Check Your Thermostat!

Thermostats function as the HVAC system’s control center, which makes it crucial to the proper operation of a heating system. Even still, when a heating system malfunctions, the thermostat is sometimes the last thing homeowners think about. We’re going to try and change that!

A thermostat can malfunction for a number of reasons, which can result in a range of issues such as:

The heating system not starting up at all.

Temperatures drop, but there’s no response from your furnace or boiler? The first thing you might think is that the equipment is broken, but also consider that your thermostat may not be communicating properly with the heating equipment.

The heating system constantly running.

Similarly to the previous issue, equipment malfunction can lead to the system running constantly – even bringing temperatures higher than what the thermostat is set for. However, there’s just a good of a chance that your thermostat is failing to tell the equipment to stop running.

The heating system producing uneven temperatures.

Why is it so cold on one side of the home, but nice a toasty on the other? Cold spots can be the result of a degrading heating system, but also a quirky thermostat that keeps switching the heating system on and off at the wrong times.

If you want to rule out whether or not your thermostat is causing the issues mentioned above, or any other issue you’re having with your heating system, here are some factors to consider:

1.      Thermostat’s positioning. A thermostat knows to call for heat or to stop calling for heat based on the temperature it is reading. If there’s a heat source nearby, such as a television or other large appliance, the thermostat’s reading will be skewed.

2.      Thermostat needs cleaning. Dust and grime buildup can cause a thermostat to misread temperatures or fail to switch the heating system on and off when necessary.

3.      Thermostat’s age. Without warning, an old thermostat can stop working properly, as with any other electronic device in the home.

4.      Thermostat needs new batteries. If the thermostat is low on power it can create issues with its ability to read temperatures and call for heat to turn on or shut off at the appropriate times.

Think about your thermostat first when there’s a problem with your heating equipment! It could take nothing more than a quick cleaning of the thermostat to fix a problem. If you think the issue is bigger than a dirty thermostat, then give your local Bioheat® Fuel dealer a call and the experts help!