Do You Need a Heating System Upgrade Before Winter?

Last winter was a true test of your heating system’s ability to keep you warm and comfortable during the most extreme weather. If you found that your equipment struggled throughout the winter, and you haven’t done anything about it yet, now’s the time to start upgrading!

Aside from being unable to hold up against the severe winter weather, here are some other indications that your heating system is ready for an upgrade:

  • The age of your equipment is something you should consider when thinking about how well it performs year after year. Most furnaces and boilers begin operating less efficiently after 10 years, and after 15 years should be replaced.
  • The steady increase in heating costs shows you how your system is losing efficiently. If the amount of fuel your equipment is consuming increases as your need for heat remains the same, efficiency has already begun degrading.
  • The frequency of service calls will increase as your equipment’s age increases. Eventually, the cost to constantly have your system repaired will become greater than the cost to replace it all together.
  • The noises your equipment makes may become louder and more noticeable, which is a warning that homeowners should heed that their heating system is in need of some attention, or better yet, an upgrade.
  • The dust level in your home will increase as your system ages. This is due in part to the leaky ducts pulling in dust from other areas of your home and distributing it around the house.                                                                  

In addition to being more prepared for the winter weather, upgrading your heating system will help you save money with reduced fuel costs and available rebates through the Upgrade & Save NYC/LI Rebate Program. For more information on upgrading your heating equipment and the rebates you can earn, contact a NYSEC Oilheat dealer.