Pre-Winter Heating System Tune-up

The fall season means that winter is just around the corner. Make sure your equipment is up for the challenge with a fall tune-up form your local Bioheat® fuel dealer! The fall is an ideal time to have your system tuned-up in preparation for the colder weather. Here are some of the benefits tied to having regularly scheduled tune-ups performed on your home heating system:

  • Safety: It’s not safe to be caught on a cold winter night without heat! Neither is it safe to have a blocked vent, cracked heat exchanger or dirty burners. This can cause health issues to you and your family, as well as risk frozen and burst pipes in your home.
  • Lower Utility Bills: Keeping your furnace or boiler tuned-up will keep it running smoothly without any possible buildup that may alter the heating system from performing well in the winter. Studies have shown that routine maintenance save up to 20% on heating bills!
  • Save on Repairs Costs: A properly maintained system helps you avoid the hassle of a mid-winter breakdown. Small repair issues can lead to larger problems that are more expensive than annual maintenance.
  • Prolong System Life: With a regularly scheduled fall tune-up, you can increase the lifespan of the equipment by 30-50% or more. The average life expectancy of a furnace is around 12-20 years, and if it’s not maintained it could break down before the 10 year mark
  • Maintain Efficiency: Routine maintenance helps you increase the efficiency of your home heating system by up to 25%. Higher efficiency means a more cost-effective way of keeping your home warm that’s also good for your wallet and the environment.

If you’re concerned that your heating equipment isn’t up to par, contact your local Bioheat® fuel dealer now and schedule a fall tune-up! If you have any questions about your home heating fuel or system, feel free to contact NYSEC online.