Lower Temperatures AND Lower Heating Costs?!

Temperatures in New York City and on Long Island typically plummet around this time. For example, in December 2018 the daily high temperature was an unseasonal 61ºF, but in January 2019 the daily high was down to 49º and temperatures stayed much closer to freezing throughout the rest of the month. 

And yet, this year hundreds of New Yorkers have found their home heating costs dropping along with the temperatures! “How can it be?” you ask. How can you keep warm during the coldest months of winter AND save on your home heating costs at the same time?

The answer is simple, and we can help. Just ask about any of these great savings:

Upgrade & Save NYC/LI

The secret is out: upgrading to a higher-efficiency boiler or furnace can reduce your annual energy costs by as much as a whopping 40%! Plus, upgrading is now a whole lot easier thanks to the Upgrade & Save NYC/LI Energy Efficiency & Safety Rebate Program. This program offers New Yorkers up to $700 off when they upgrade their boiler, furnace, storage tank and/or burner and controls.

Since 2015, Upgrade & Save NYC/LI has saved over 600 New Yorkers like you over $300,000 in rebates and thousands more in annual fuel savings. In 2018 alone, 277 people took advantage of Upgrade & Save NYC/LI, saving a total of $118,900 in rebates. All you have to do to join them is call and tell us you’d like to Upgrade & Save today!

NY Clean Heating Fuel Credit

As you might have already heard, all heating oil sold in NYC and on Long Island is clean, green Bioheat® fuel, which contains a minimum 5% biofuel (B5). This fuel costs about the same as regular heating oil, but it helps New Yorkers save on their energy costs by burning much cleaner and more efficiently. In addition, some Bioheat fuel users in NYC and on Long Island are eligible for a state tax credit. That’s right — your fuel purchases could lead to a bigger tax return! To learn more, visit BioheatNYC.com, consult your tax professional and give us a call.

Home Energy Assistance Program + More

In addition to the savings above, we have helped your fellow New Yorkers save with a number of convenient value-added services, including special payment programs and equipment tune-ups that can reduce your annual energy costs by up to 5%. Finally, if you or someone you know is ever having trouble paying for home heating, help may be available through the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). To learn more about HEAP or apply online, Visit otda.ny.gov/programs/heap.

Remember, these are just a few easy ways to reduce your home heating costs this year and in years to come. For more, visit BioheatNYC.com and contact us online.