What New York City & Long Island Residents Need to Know About Bioheat® Fuel

When it comes to home comfort, folks living in New York City and on Long Island rely on a few things: the heating equipment in their homes, the companies that maintain it, and the fuel that powers it. One of the best things about the home comfort providers who work in NYC and LI is that they’re full service companies, meaning they can help with everything from heating equipment installation and upgrades, to maintenance and repairs, and finally, the delivery of a clean, renewable, and dependable fuel called Bioheat® fuel.

Bioheat Fuel Dealers

Bioheat fuel is NYC and Long Island’s fuel of choice, and the dealers who supply it go above and beyond to provide additional services on top of fuel delivery. These services can include money-saving price protection programs to service agreements that keep repair costs low. Bioheat fuel dealers are the main motivation behind our BioheatNYC.com campaign to inform and educate NYC and Long Island residents about the benefits of relying on Bioheat dealers – you may have seen some of the ads on the City’s buses over the last few months!


Biodiesel, the renewable component of Bioheat fuel, is one of New York City Mayor di Blasio’s tools being used toward cleaning up the air within our great City. The goal, which NYC & LI has been on track to achieve, is to reduce air pollution by 80% by the year 2020 through the utilization of clean-burning, renewable biodiesel in the City’s vehicles, including sanitation trucks, police vehicles, and fire and rescue vehicles, as well as using Bioheat fuel in residential heating systems.

Home Heating Equipment

Modern home heating equipment has come a long way, and through Long Island and New York City’s Bioheat fuel dealers, homeowners can save big in a couple ways by upgrading their 12+ years old heating equipment. For starters, fuel consumption is significantly reduced with the advanced efficiency ratings on today’s heating equipment, saving homeowners up to 40% on their annual heating bills. Secondly, through the NORA-funded Upgrade & Save NYC/LI program, homeowners can earn an additional $800 in rebates when upgrading certain pieces of home heating equipment.

As New Yorkers, we’re already proud of our city. But, with the implementation of Bioheat fuel and the work performed by the professionals who supply NYC with it, we have a lot more to be proud of! If you want to learn more about what makes Bioheat fuel so great, contact NYSEC or visit BioheatNYC.com.