NYC & LI Bioheat Fuel Dealers Want to Help You Save

Your home heating equipment has seen many winters, and it’s been good to you so far, but how good has it been to your wallet? The truth is, your loyal home heating system could be costing you more to heat your home than it needs to if it’s 10 years old or older.

What’s the solution?

Believe it or not, spending a little extra now to upgrade your home heating system will save you up to 40% on your home heating costs! Here’s how:

  • New equipment is more efficient, so you’re using less fuel to maintain the level of comfort you’re already used to
  • New equipment has a longer lifespan, so it stays efficient for a longer period of time and won’t need to be replaced for decades
  • New equipment requires fewer service calls – effectively reducing the price of maintenance when compared to older systems that need attention more than once a year

In addition to the benefits of upgrading listed above, you can also earn some extra cash through the Upgrade & Save NYC/LI Rebate Program.

Participating Bioheat® fuel dealers in NYC & LI can help you get the ball rolling when it comes to earning rebates for having new heating equipment installed in your home. The rebates available are:

  • $500 for the replacement or upgrade of an existing oil-fired furnace or boiler to a higher-efficiency model
  • $200 for the installation of an aboveground oil storage tank to replace an aboveground or underground tank
  • $100 for upgrades to an oil burner and controls
  • With a limit of 2 rebates per household, you can earn a combined total of $700!

Long Island and New York City’s Bioheat fuel dealers are always looking for ways to help their customers save money, boost the efficiency of their home heating equipment, and protect the environment. Learn more about what Bioheat fuel dealers can do for you at If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us online.