Introducing NYSEC's New Bioheat® Fuel Consumer Awareness and Educational Campaign

5998a15dd394ae594e8e20c58d9508d6.pngbioheat-nyc-apple_x150w.pngNYSEC is excited to unveil the NORA-funded, consumer-focused Bioheat® fuel campaign that launched on Monday, October 15.

The new campaign will promote the benefits of Bioheat® fuel, the advantages and savings that come from upgrading outdated heating equipment, the positive environmental impact that Bioheat® fuel has on our area and the many other services offered by New York City and Long Island Bioheat® fuel dealers.


This program will leverage various media platforms in order to enlighten and inform New York City and Long Island residents about Bioheat® fuel.

These include:

  •, our new website
  • Bus Billboard Advertising (see images below)
  • Internet Display Advertising
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Social Media FacebookTwitter
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • And more

To learn about this campaign, visit www.BioheatNYC.comcontact NYSEC online or call 212-695-1380.